Firefox bookmark for quick travel search

1) Add the url below into your Firefox bookmarks
2) Give it some memorable keyword like “travel”
3) Type “travel fly sfo to jfk march 15 – 20”
4) Get flight options from 144 travel sites

iPaperWeight and the Implications of Alternatives

Once upon a time I had an iPod. I put lots of content on it. I brought it with me everywhere. I listened to books, music and podcasts. Life was good. Then my iPod fell sick. Then it died. Apparently I’m not the only person to have an iPod die shortly after it went out of warranty. Because I’m not very fond of the closed nature of the iPod I won’t be buying a new one. Instead I plan to buy a new Treo 700 W.

In the meantime I’ve been listening to podcasts and (more on them in another post) content on my old pocket pc. It’s a brick but it works. Recently I found PocketMusic which is a huge improvement on the Windows Mobile Media Player. PocketMusic isn’t without it’s issues. The playback of Audible content is odd but it may just be the old slow processor on the device I have or the very slow reading from the older SD card in the device. Either way, the volume now works and I have a host of features I missed from the iPod.

The biggest thing I miss but also hated when using the iPod was the sync process. I hate that it was closed and that iTunes sometimes didn’t find the iPod. It was a hassle and I think that’s what may have killed the hard drive on my iPod. What I really want is to be able to sync from iTunes which I like primarily for it’s podcast management to an SD card which I can put into the SD card reader in my Windows XP laptop.

Sadly there’s nothing I can find that allows me to do this.

Some of the near misses include:
Tea Vui Huang’s Mass Storage Synchronizer

SyncTunes for Mac OS X

I’m tempted to try to hack something together but I’ve currently settled on downloading content through iTunes and syncing it to the SD card using Windows Media Player 10.